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One Topic

Every 4th Thursday

11:00am - 12:30pm Pacific

Calling all Roundtable members — join us as we take a deep dive into a new topic each month along with some special guests. One Topic offers all Roundtable community members a chance to explore anything and everything related to a specific topic each month.


We’ll discuss apps, concepts, processes, and more. Share your expertise and learn from others in a community fueled by live discussions and collaboration. We can’t wait to get into this month’s topic with you!

Meet your host: Richard Roppa-Roberts

One minute, he's a forward-thinking problem-solver. Next, he's a technically-minded marketer. And for smiles, there's the part-time vintage space enthusiast. All in a day’s work for Richard Roppa-Roberts, The Intellectual Handyman and ProAdvisor®  Advisor at the helm of Quasar Cowboy. He's driven by one core belief: the key to a better business lies in working collaboratively.


This belief is the backbone of the thriving Roundtable Labs community he's been cultivating since 2015. And it's also at the heart of his highly sought-after "mission-control" style coaching of Quasar Cowboy. 


Richard is dedicated to helping accounting professionals, and app partners conquer their moon and reach further for the stars in all endeavors.  He's the coach behind the scenes helping others shine at least ten times as much as he's been in the spotlight, and he believes that the true measurement of success is in the goals he has helped his clients conquer and then surpass.


Richard has been named a Best of 2019, 2020, and 2021: Strategic Business Consulting, Palm Springs; he’s on Avalara's Social Media Top 100; had an Honorable Mention on Accounting Today’s Top 100 Most Influential People in Accounting list, and he is a regular author with Intuit’s Firm of the Future and Tax blogs as well as CPA Practice Advisor, and other industry blogs. You may have seen Richard speak at QuickBooks Connect, Ensuring Success, Scaling New Heights, SleeterCon, or the Los Angeles Accounting & Finance Show. 


Richard spends his weekends exploring his hometown of Palm Springs with his husband, Kevin, for rare Mid Century Modern finds, especially vintage Pyrex & Tupperware.  You can find Richard online at both and

Richard Roppa-Roberts_edited_edited.jpg

Membership to any Roundtable includes:

  • Two 90-minute Roundtable sessions per month, capped at 25 members per Roundtable

  • Access to all Roundtable Labs community events, including:

    • Guest speakers

    • Multiple One-Topic sessions each month

    • Informal social gatherings

  • Private members-only Roundtable Labs online community for accounting professionals only                 (no vendors allowed!) 

  • Exclusive Roundtable discounts on software and events

  • You! No lectures here. We solve problems together, and every member is a vital ingredient.

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