Cultivation through Accountability
Build a business, not a job

Every 3rd & 4th Thursday

10am - 11:30am PT

This community is designed to help accounting business owners poised to grow and scale their business. Sessions have a topic, exercises, breakout rooms, and the accountability to build processes to free up your time so you stop being a bottleneck to your success.

Meet your hosts: Alexis Sadler & Taylor Lungren

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Alexis Sadler

Alexis has spent most of her life in the South Bay and more of her life using QuickBooks than not. Her current client list ranges from the local market to high profile manufacturing. She works with the Mom and Pops, the Board Rooms and everyone in between. Alexis loves to get to know the entire staff and to help each and every one of them know how QuickBooks can make them shine at their profession.


She started with QuickBooks when she was 17 years old and it has become a part of her daily life. Friends, family, neighbors and sometimes even strangers are learning about how QuickBooks can help them in their daily lives…even if it’s just tracking their personal finances.

Alexis loves to cook. The cleaning… not so much, but she loves to experiment with flavors and copying her favorite restaurant recipes (but healthier of course). She loves to cook for her family and has even been invited by clients to learn their family recipes. 

Her lifelong love is baseball. She enjoys a good old fashion baseball game whether it’s the Boston Red Sox or the local little league team. She can watch anything that takes place on a diamond and has spent the last 17 years raising an amazing young man that is an ace on the mound. He helps her satisfy her need for baseball on a regular basis. 

Alexis loves what she does and loves to work hard. She considers each and every one of her clients family and thinks her honesty with them proves that.

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Taylor Lungren

Taylor Lungren’s journey with QuickBooks began as a QuickBooks small-business user. At age 25, she started a women’s wholesale clothing company where she utilized QuickBooks Desktop for Mac and eventually converted the company file to QBO Plus. 


Taylor learned much of her QuickBooks operating knowledge from her then bookkeeping team, Accounting Therapy. Owner Alexis Sadler used to joke that if she ever needed a job, Accounting Therapy was just a phone call away.  Well, after 7 years of entrepreneurship, Taylor closed the business and made that phone call! 


Taylor’s career at Accounting Therapy has been short in length, starting in early 2020, but robust in experience. Taylor is now a QBO Advanced Certified Pro-Advisor overseeing the company’s extensive client list, growing the company’s data migration division, and working side-by-side with Alexis to carve out vital internal processes in order to position the company for fast-track growth. 


Her near-decade of entrepreneurial experience lends a unique insight to both internal company operations as well as the challenges her small business clients face on a day-to-day basis. When Taylor’s not working at her new-found dream job, she can be found pursuing her other dream – travelling! Some favorite destinations to date include the Taj Mahal, Mexico City, & Cinque Terre!

Part forward-thinking problem-solver, part technically minded marketer, and part space enthusiast, Richard is an intellectual handyman who believes that the key to a better world lies in working collaboratively to grow.

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