A collaborative and instructive community for every accountant

business owner who serves, or wishes to serve, the construction industry.  Together we can build the practices that build strong clients.   

A place for open dialogue and idea sharing, with a spirit of collaboration and confidentiality within the group. One meeting a month will focus on the sharing of new information and issues, troubleshooting, and basic community.  While our second monthly meeting will be dedicated to a particular training series -- sharing of resources, best practices, workflows, and other tools specific to the particular issues and challenges encountered while serving construction clients.   

Construction Junction Roundtable.


What's Included?

  • Two 90-minute Roundtable sessions per month

  • One 60-minute "Cup of Coffee" informal session per month

  • One 90-minute "Only One Topic" session per month

  • You! We do not lecture, we solve problems.  Together.

But wait! There's more...

When you become a part of a Roundtable in our network, you are getting more than just one experience.

We are a growing  community and engagement platform consisting of the members from many Roundtables.  

Your network, access to ideas, tools, insights, and opportunities to contribute the same grows way beyond one Roundtable.


Two (or twenty) brains are better than one.  Build your network and connect with others in your space.


Get recommendations that take the hassle and guesswork out of making changes, big and small, in how you do business!

Tonya Schulte

  • @schultetonya

After working in corporate construction accounting for almost 20 years, Tonya decided to create a unique firm - The Profit Constructors.  Their commitment - not only serve the specialized accounting needs of the construction industry, but open doors for them. 


She and her team think of themselves as advocates for the small to medium sized construction contractors they serve. What does advocacy mean?  From their CPA, insurance company, to other contractors up and down the line and, of course, governmental regulatory agencies such as departments of revenue.  Across the board they are able to help their clients gain new work, faster, easier, and for a better price.


Now Tonya has begun to find a new joy in sharing her knowledge and expertise with others who wish to advise this industry. She delights in passing on what years of experience have shown her, and doing so in a meaningful way.

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