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A community for every accountant business owner who knows there is a better way to run their business, but gets stuck on where to start or what to do next.

Join us to discuss everything about running a business for accounting professionals—from hiring and firing, streamlining your processes, charging your worth, and so much more. Get advice from others who have been there, solved that problem, and learn from their experiences.  Take it from us. 

You are definitely NOT the only one!

Not the Only One Roundtable.


What's Included?

  • Two 90-minute Roundtable sessions per month

  • One 60-minute "Cup of Coffee" informal session per month

  • One 90-minute "Only One Topic" session per month

  • You! We do not lecture, we solve problems.  Together.

But wait! There's more...

When you become a part of a Roundtable in our network, you are getting more than just one experience.

We are a growing  community and engagement platform consisting of the members from many Roundtables.  

Your network, access to ideas, tools, insights, and opportunities to contribute the same grows way beyond one Roundtable.


Two (or twenty) brains are better than one.  Build your network and connect with others in your space.


Get recommendations that take the hassle and guesswork out of making changes, big and small, in how you do business!

Richard Roppa-Roberts

  • @NeverCallMeRich

Part forward-thinking problem-solver, part technically-minded marketer, and part space enthusiast, intellectual handyman Richard Roppa-Roberts believes that the key to a better world lies in working collaboratively to grow. 

Richard is a highly-sought-after business and solutions coach at the helm of Quasar Cowboy, a firm dedicated to helping companies reach for (and grasp) the stars. 


Last but not least - Richard is also the mastermind behind (and the Chief Officer overseeing) all things innovative and wonderful here at Roundtable Lab.


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