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About Martha Yasso:

A three-time Insightful Accountant Top 100 ProAdvisor, founder of the award winning accounting firm ‘YASSO Bookkeeping Solutions’ and an experienced Wall Street professional with more than 20 years in Community Banking delivers peace-of mind for small business owners.


As heard on Heather Smith’s Cloud Stories Podcast and Mike Milan’s Clear PATH to Cash Podcast, Martha Yasso simplifies cash management for small businesses in a way that just makes cents (pun totally intended). With a conversation style that bridges best friend-style advice with no-nonsense straight talk, she breaks down tough concepts into a get-it-done action plan.

Accountants, Bookkeepers, CPAs, EAs, Firm Owners, Humans

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Each Roundtable is as unique as the members who make it up. Our hosts are experts from the accounting and bookkeeping world with their own areas of specialization that give every Roundtable its own flavor and style. Even more than the hosts, our members (YOU!) are what make each Roundtable what it is.


We’re always adding new Roundtables, so if you don’t see one that fits you here, let us know!


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A Community
Where Everyone Counts

A community of accounting professionals

just like you - and entirely unlike you.

Being part of a well-connected
professional community gives you:

  • Improved growth and performance potential. 

  • A safe place to ask questions. 

  • Information about the latest industry trends and tools. 

  • Ongoing learning opportunities. 

  • Support in hard times and a place to celebrate your wins!

Roundtable Labs is a different kind of community

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Yes, we've got some of the top accounting minds in the world.

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We are not a cookie cutter plan to get rich quick.

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Yes, we have a private online community to connect with your peers and mentors. 

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We can't promise you'll bring in more money within 6 weeks. 

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Yes, our members have experienced exponential growth, personally and professionally, since joining the community.

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We can't do the work for you.

Roundtable Labs is a place for bookkeepers, accountants, firm owners, and anyone who works in the world of accounting, bookkeeping, or advisory services and feels like there has to be a better way.


Membership includes

  • Two monthly meetings to your Roundtable (90 minutes each and capped at 25 members per group)

  • One monthly "One Topic" Roundtable open to all Roundtable members (90 minutes focusing on one specific topic) 

  • Access to our private online community for accounting professionals only - no vendors allowed!

  • Invitations to members-only online events with guest speakers 

  • Insane Roundtable members only discounts on software, products, and events 

  • You! No lectures here. We solve problems together, and every member is a vital ingredient.

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