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est. 2015

The Concept.


Imagine an entire community to support you in growing your business and accomplishing your goals. Accounting professionals connect in Roundtable to build and nurture relationships, learn how to solve real-world problems, celebrate wins, and build better practices. Roundtable members get accountability, the push to practice better self-care and set boundaries, and a network of peers who have been there and can help navigate whatever challenges you face. It’s the advisory board every business owner needs...and the social group you crave.

Not the Only One Roundtable

Not the Only One Roundtable.

Making tomorrow better - today.

For accounting professionals at any stage of their business. Join well-known names in the accounting industry as well as growing businesses to learn how to solve problems, build better practices, and lean into your success.  In addition to two community meetings per month, we feature an additional monthly session that’s a deeper dive into a single big-ticket topic.

Hosted by Richard Roppa-Roberts of Quasar Cowboy.

Get Out of Your Own Way Roundtable.

Build a business, not a job.

This community is designed to help accounting business owners poised to grow and scale their business. Sessions have a topic, exercises, breakout rooms, and the accountability to build processes to free up your time so you stop being a bottleneck to your success.

Hosted by Anna Ready of Accrew.


2nd & 4th

10 am PST

Empower Your Passion Roundtable.

Intentional Business, Intentional Life

A plan can be a beautiful and robust structure… that does little good when it is constructed in the bog of an unhealthy mindset. Our brains are supercomputers, and our self-talk, values, and beliefs are the programs that supercomputer is running. It’s time to de-frag our inner hard drives and uninstall some malware programs.

In this roundtable we will take a holistic business approach, recognizing that our work IS part of our life.


Hosted by Ingrid Edstrom of Priestess of Profits.

Empower Nonprofits Roundtable.

Make a Better Difference

Bringing together accounting professionals to understand the complex needs of nonprofits -- discover how to serve this sector better, or even whether these clients are a good fit for you!

Collaboration and support for managing the challenges of day-to-day bookkeeping in a nonprofit environment, and becoming empowered to provide advisory services to help these organizations make an even bigger difference in our world.


11 am PST

2nd & 4th


1st & 3rd

10 am PST

Construction Junction Roundtable.

The Crossroads of Accounting & Construction.

This Roundtable is for any accountant business owner who is serving the construction industry, or is interested in doing so!  Not just a supportive community, we'll also regularly dive deep into construction specific topics such as  building labor burden, job costing, and percentage of completion accounting and reporting -- just to name a few.   Even practice level topics will be tackled through the lens of the industry we serve - like marketing and developing advisory level services.  The result is a community that helps build the practices that build better clients. 

Not the Only App Roundtable.

Better Apps, Better Marketing, Better Collaboration.

We help app developers in the accounting space learn what makes your audience tick. Whether you have 3 users or 3 million, we cover how and when to reach decision-makers, explore best practices for UX and marketing, and dig into whatever real-world challenges you’re facing. We also go over how to prep for conferences and speaking engagements, as well as how to collaborate with your peers. 

Hosted by Richard Roppa-Roberts of Quasar Cowboy, Alison Ball of Liscio, and Kelly Gonsalves of totally booked and totally SEO.

Not the Only App Roundtable

The Communities.



In the Captain's Chair.

Meet Richard Roppa-Roberts.

He’s a highly sought-after business strategist and coach well-known for his work with software providers and business owners in the accounting ecosystem, offering an insider look at both sides of the equation.

Part forward-thinking problem-solver, part technically minded marketer, and part space enthusiast, Richard is an intellectual handyman who believes that the key to a better world lies in working collaboratively to grow.