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Tax Dirty to Me
Down with IRC, yeah you know me

1st & 3rd Tuesdays of every month

9am - 10:30 am PT

Join us at the Roundtable for small tax firm owners and professionals – where challenges meet solutions head-on. We face an ever-evolving landscape of tax complexities and firm management hurdles. This is your chance to sit with fellow 'Tax Pros in the Know', share pain points, and collaboratively unearth actionable solutions. Dive into spirited discussions on emerging tax issues, technology trends, and staffing strategies. Come to the table not just to talk, but to transform – because together, we can turn obstacles into opportunities.

Meet your host: Mary McDonald

Mary’s first, and by far favorite, award ever was the Queenly Award given to her at the end of a theatre class she took in kindergarten. Since that day, she has gone through life with a tiara, if not on her head, at least close to hand. She considers herself a poster child for the Your-Career-Is-Not-Set-In-Stone set
and knows sometimes you must go the long way ‘round in order to get to where you are supposed to be.


A CPA as a second/third/fourth/whatever career, Mary focuses on making sure her individual clients feel understood and represented. Her background as an elementary school teacher allows her to see the glazing over of eyes and undertake new approaches. She believes in celebrating wins and small victories
and is amazingly good at finding the silver linings. A core value she holds is people need connection and community. She is truly excited to be a part of RoundTable Labs where she can live that value and watch others thrive.

Mary (1).png

Meet your host: Catherine Madeley

Catharine Drake Madeley, CPA, owner of Salling Madeley, PLLC in Austin, Texas, doesn't just balance the books: She balances humor with a deep-seated passion for all things tax-related. A stalwart in individual and small business tax compliance and planning, she's been navigating the intricacies of the tax world and tax firm management for more than a decade. Her approach: "I aim to make taxes less taxing – and a tad more fun!"

When she's not diving deep into the latest tax conundrums, you'll find Catharine championing the evolution of small tax firm management, whether it’s the latest tech wonders or the eternal quest for the perfect team dynamic. Catharine is active in the Twitter-verse, and her tax expertise been cited in mainstream media publications like Forbes. Ready to stir the pot and sparkle lively discussions, she's your go-to moderator for a roundtable that promises to be as enlightening as it is entertaining!

Membership to #TaxDirtyToMe Roundtable includes:

  • Two 90-minute Roundtable sessions per month

  • Access to all Roundtable Labs community events, including:

    • Guest speakers

    • One 90-minute One-Topic Roundtable session each month

    • Pop-up Roundtables

    • Access to all members and all other Roundtables

    • Informal social gatherings​​

  • Bonus Roundtable: Ecomm as you are

  • Private members-only Roundtable Labs online community for accounting professionals only                 (no vendors allowed!) 

  • Exclusive Roundtable discounts on software and events

  • You! No lectures here. We solve problems together, and every member is a vital ingredient.

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